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well i havent posted in a while, but heres the last post! you can play clubpenguin on this website now!

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Club Penguin

Make friends and play games in wonderland that is Club Penguin.

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Message from Fabio962!

Ok,people,I am now the proud owner of this website!Cowboy quit!!

I will post on here,but not as often as I post on my site obviously!

So,I’m just letting you guys know ok,


Happy New Year!

Well Happy New year and i hoped you had a merry christmas! first of their are fireworks in club penguin!First in the Ice Burg!  picture-5.png  and the second place is the mountain top!picture-6.pngand lastly if you look through the scope in the beacon you will see a melted ice burg poop1.pngBy Cowboy365

Christmas scarf!

the christmas scarf just came out and are located at the ski village!alsome-pic.pngMerry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas!

well today the christmas party came out and is great! the reindeer antlers are in the dock!picture-42.pngand the santa hats are located in the snowforts! picture-45.pngand lastly the pin is located in the ski lodge attic!picture-46.pngby cowboy365  


well today alot of stuff came out like coins for change!coins for change is located in the plaza and next to it is a free item witch is a bell!if you click on the coins for change this paper will come up!and theirs a new play at the stage! its “the twelfth fish”and heres a look at the inside!and heres the costume trunk!and the new furniture catalog if out and is alsome!and heres the cheats for the catalog!1)click on the cash register for the moose head2)click on the upright piano for the pipe organ3)click on the home stereo for the concert lights4)click on the fire pit for the candelabra5)click the ficus plant for mullet

New Toolbar!

ok i just made a tool bar so if you have internet explorer or fire fox please download it! click here to download!
and on the left side of my website theirs a road to and it says “were ever you go stay in touch download are toolbar” if you click on it you will also have a option to download it!

New emotions

well their are some new emotions!

The new ones are

  • popcorn
  • strawberry icecream
  • birthday cake
  • so so face
  • chocolate icecream (E+W)
  • The idea lightbulb


December Fashion!

Well the new catalog came out for december and its really short:-(

ok for the first cheat click on the snow flake on the top corner of the turtle neck and the red viking helmet will appear!

now open and close the red viking helmet 3 times and a blue one will appear!

and on the 3rd page of clearance click on the “n” and some goggles will appear!

and lastly the pin is in the coffee shop!


ok first when you go to club penguin now it says “part of walt disney company”!  and i have a new email adress! its! 

Yellow puffle!

The yellow puffle is out in the catalog today, but it is member’s onlyheres the trix!when you take it for a walk and you dance it will sing!yellow-puffle.pngalso if you put him to sleep it will dream  of him being a super hero!picture-9.png and if you play with him he will paint a picture of a connon!picture-24.pngand if you play with him and his energy bars are full he will make a movie!picture-25.pngand if you give him a cookie he will eat the lower part and then make a cookie mask!picture-22.pngthen if you give him a bath he will put paint into the water!picture-13.pngand if you give him gum he will blow a bubble and then draw a smily face!picture-23.pngand lastly when you give him food he will make a art piece and then eat it!picture-2.png by Omar05 but mostly by Cowboy365! 

Coins For Change!

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re excited about all the events that are coming to Club Penguin this holiday season.Along with all the fun events like new parties, new events, new furniture, etc., I wanted to be the first to let you know about something brand new we’re doing this Christmas!We’ve decided to call it “Coins for Change.” This idea came from you by letting us know how much you want to make a difference in the world! We thought this Christmas would be the perfect time to do something about it.A total of $1 million dollars will be donated to actual organizations and you get to decide where it goes! By donating your Club Penguin coins in game, you’ll be able to help kids around the world, help kids who are sick, and help the environment.

suprise party!

well this morning i found out about the suprise pasrty and is a westers theme!the pin is a needle in the haystack witch is in the cove!you can get a western backround on a this cactus in the forest!and you can get a bandana in a box located in the plaza!and theirs another western backround for free located at the dock!

The Stage

well the new place in the plaza came out and its realy cool! well the new catolog is out in the new stage! but first this is what the outside of the stage looks like!and theirs no cheats 😦 and theirs some scripts their too!also to find the yellow puffle click on this to get this!and now the map in the HQ and the regular map have been changed!

Omar05’s Major Army Recruit (O.M.A.R)

Hi Omar05 here!
since we desided that The Cowboys is a club i can get to my army i’ve been planning The O.M.A.R

Rockhoppers back,new room,new pin,and new mission!

well this is going to be a long post. first rockhoppers back again with some new items!next theirs a new room in the plaza that says actors needed!picture-20.pngand the the pin is in the dance lounge and it’s a UFO!picture-4.pngand the new mission is out!

The Cowboys Club and Sneek peek!

well since the football uniforms came out i decided to make the cowboys! !eres a picture of the uniforms!its just the football jersey and the blue football helmet plus the black glasses! and the color black guitar and lastly the blue sneekers! and heres a sneek peek of the new mission!and so if you join the cowboys we have a meeting every wednesday night at 6 pm penguin standered time starting not this week but next week!! so plzz leave a comment if your joining! and thx so much for all your support! oh and click here to see somethink alsome!

New catalogs and actors needed!

well in the sports shop the new catalog is now my favorite catalog ever! and click on the red jersey and the orange helmet will appear!now if you click on the silver watch you will see the red guitar!now click on the fishing hat and the swiming goggles will appear!next click on the astro barrier t-shirt and the red viking helmet will appear!and then open and close it 3 times and the blue viking helmet will appear!and in the plaza it says actors needed i think their might be a new stage!

The Gold Puffle

You will find it every half an hour in the forest then 15 minutes later it will pop up in the Ski Mountain!Is there going to be a yellow puffle very soon or is it something to do with the mission! !

Mission # 5!

well if you look in the HQ its says prepare for you next mission! i bet it will be about halloween but im not sure but when i find out more ill tell you!

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